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Student Council

Student Council

Advisor: Mr. Goldstein

Who: Any 6th, 7th or 8th grade student who wants to become more involved in the school community! Students who were previously members are welcome to return, new members are encouraged to join, and specific students will be specifically asked to join based on the recommendations of faculty and staff.


What:So what exactly is StuCAL? StuCAL is a combination/evolution of three different essential groups here at Norton Middle School. StuCAL literally is an acronym for Student Council, Ambassadors and Leaders. As a member of StuCAL you will be called upon to perform the functions of student government (the council portion), ambassadorship (serving as the public face of the school), and leadership (a similar role that Student Leaders in PE were chosen for previously). In combination with the office of the assistant principal and teachers, StuCAL will serve as the key student group for all issues related to student governance, event planning, and public relations.

In addition the purposes of StuCAL are: to provide good school relationships between individual students, students and faculty and school and community; to develop and maintain good school spirit; to assist in directing and managing school activities; to promote scholarship; to develop high ideals of personal conduct; to help each student find a place in the school; and to express opinions and make recommendations to the school administrators and faculty to improve the school.

Where: Meetings will take place after school in the auditorium unless otherwise specified. Activities will occur both during and after school hours at our AWESOME middle school.

When: Meetings will occur twice per month and will increase to weekly during activity planning. Meetings will occur primarily after school based on students’ and teacher schedules. Additionally, there will be occasional meetings with Mr. Goldstein for those students elected to our Executive and General Boards.

Why: As the leaders of the school it is our duty to represent NMS, set a good example and be involved on a number of levels. StuCAL is an excellent opportunity for anyone seeking to make a direct impact and cares about making a difference in the school.